I have a good friend and fellow entrepreneur with whom I’ve been working for years who calls me her “VP of Common Sense.”

I think that one little title says a lot about me and who I am!

My About page used to open with “Hi. I’m Pam and I design stuff.” But that was way too limiting. I do more than design stuff.

I help solopreneurs and small business owners develop visual brands that not only speak to who they are, but to why people want and need their services.

I also pride myself on being able to look at things from the 50,000 foot view. That means that for seemingly small decisions you want to make for your business? I can see how those changes will add to – or take away from – your brand in the long-term. Best part? I’ll tell you that! And if you’re doing something that may not be beneficial down the line, I’m that person who will work relentlessly to help you come up with a better plan that will get you more noticed, more customers, more income.

So yeah…I guess my friend is right. Basically, I’m your VP of Common Sense.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with needing me! I understand that you are the expert in what you do. One of the joys of my career is getting to dip my toe into other industries and learn a bit about them. But at the end of the day you are the expert in your business. My job is to make you look good so you can focus on your business!

Let’s see…what else? Oh yes! I have the chops to do this. Check out some of the work I’ve done in my portfolio. I started out as a graphic designer and that’s my bread and butter. I love good design (and I may or may not have an obsession with fonts…just saying).

I love the way a cohesive brand can bring a company to life and make it visible in ways it never was before.

Most of all, I love helping good, hard-working people use the awesome tool of visual design to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.

So let’s get honest here. Do you need a VP of Common Sense? Do you need a person to show you how to make your ideas visually stunning? Do you need a person to help you grow not only your current business, but also your business of the future? Do you need someone who will take the time to do the research and planning, and who has the design chops to create branding options so impeccable that all you really have to say is “I like that one”?

If so, let’s get to know each other!