What does your personality type have to do with the success of your business? A lot, actually. You’ve heard the saying, “Play to your strengths” — knowing your personality traits, strengths and weaknesses will help you leverage the things you’re good and and find help for the rest.

We’ve all taken those personality tests online. No, not the ones that ask “which Disney character are you” or “which Doctor Who character are you.” I’m talking about the personality tests that give you insight into your characteristics or how you react in certain situations or how you make decisions or replenish your energy levels. Are there ways that these psychological personality assessments can help us understand the type of business owner we are? Can knowing yourself help you grow your business?

Yes. I think knowing your personality characteristics will help you be a better business owner.

Here’s another exercise for you. You’ve made a list of your strengths, skills and expertise, but now it’s time to take a more subconscious look at your personality. You may have taken one of these tests before, but I’d like you to approach them with a fresh perspective. The tests listed below are based in psychology and science and have been proven accurate through the years.

Choose at least two tests from this list (choosing all three is even better!) and take the associated test that will give you a snapshot of your personality profile. Once you have your profiles for the tests, take some time to learn about each of your strongest characteristics. Then write about how those strengths will be an asset (or liability) in your business venture.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This is one of the most common personality profile tests and was developed in the early 20th century by Katharine Briggs and Isabelle Myers who studied the psychological theory of C.G. Jung. The test was originally developed to help people understand what types of careers would best suit their personality. There are 16 personality types made up of four letters – each letter represents a characteristic based on the answers to the test you take and the combination of those characteristics create your Type. The official Myers Briggs Institute has more information about the history of the test and how it’s used in a professional setting. You can take the test through their website, but it costs $50. However, you can take a similar test for free at 16 Personalities.

Once you know your Myers Briggs Type you can further research the characteristics and traits of that personality and what strengths and weaknesses you share with others in the world with the same Type.

In case you were wondering… my personality type is INFP.

Strength Finder 2.0 – $14

This assessment is part of the Gallup Poll family and has been used on millions of people to help them discover their talents and strengths. This test requires you to purchase the book in order to obtain the access code to take the assessment. You can purchase it on Amazon or directly through the Gallup website. After the short test you’ll be given a list of your five greatest strengths and a detailed report about how those strengths apply to you and your career. There are a total of 34 characteristics and the higher up on the list they appear, the more you identify with that strength. That means that the characteristics at the bottom of the list are your weaknesses and could become a liability in your career.

For reference sake, my five strengths are: Relator, Strategic, Maximizer, Intellection, Arranger.

How the World Sees You — $12

This book is based on Sally Hogshead’s book How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination” and how people around you perceive your personality and strengths. This test is designed to identify the type of leader or business person you are and helps you capitalize on those strengths to excel in business. The test will reveal your two main advantages (strengths) and how they translate to your personality archetype. You’ll also get your list of words to describe your highest value and a profile of the types of people you need to surround yourself with to be successful. What sets this test apart from other personality tests is that you get a clear picture about how you behave as an entrepreneur and how others respond to your leadership style.

For reference sake, my main advantages are “mystique” and “power” which translates to an archetype called “The Veiled Leader” – meaning I lead from a place of inner strength of confidence rather than an outward display of power.

Sharing time!

I’d love to hear your personality traits based on the above tests. Do you think they are accurate based on what you  know about yourself? Leave a comment and let me know what you found out.